M824 Copper Fender Washers – 25 Pack



Bitcoin Self Custody Copper Fender Washers – For use with M824 Seed Phrase Die

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Build your Seed Stack with Copper Washers – 8mm ID X 24mm OD x 1.5mm Thickness – Use with Cardinal Seed Phrase dies and 6mm steel punches to properly stamp your wallet seed words into copper washers.

Not your keys, not your Bitcoin!

  1. 99% Copper
  2. 1.5mm Thickness
  3. Copper washers may have naturally occurring streaks or imperfections which add to the uniqueness of each washer.
  4. Over time the Copper washers will naturally oxidize and they can also be oxidized quickly by soaking them in water and baking soda over night to give an antique look.  To darken the stamped text, you would oxidize the washers AFTER they are punched or stamped not before.  But stamping afterward would be an additional unique look.  There are many ways to build your Seed Stacks.
  5. Copper or Stainless washers can also be stamped using the M824 Cardinal Seed Phrase Die and used on key chains to identify a set of keys on a key ring or stamped and given as a charm or gift.
  6. Copper washers are frequently used in Seed Stacks as an accessory on the outside visible portion of a Seed Stack as an identifier of some kind.  IE a Wallet name, a description or any text you choose.  The limit using the Cardinal Seed Phrase Die is 12 characters per M824 washers.
Weight 5 oz


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