Cardinal M824 Bitcoin Seed Phrase Die



The Cardinal M824 is a die to help you build your Seed Stack.  A Seed Stack is a stack of washers used to permanently embed your Bitcoin Wallet Seed Words into stainless steel or copper washers.  As long as you have your wallet seed words, you can always recover your Bitcoin wallet if you loose access to your wallet for any reason.
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Weight 5 oz

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  • Aluminum Die to Stamp your Seed Stacks
  • Use to Stamp your Bitcoin Seed Words into M8x24 Washers
  • 6mm Punches are REQUIRED and NOT INCLUDED

Carefully remove the bottom from any properly sized water or soda bottle.  Fill an appropriately sized container 2/3rds full of water.  Place the Bucky Top into the bottle and dip.  Light as you pull up!

Weight 5 oz


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